This is an introductory French class. Students will learn phonetics and grammar in blended learning, using multi media through a newsletter in lieu of a traditional book.

Students are required to do most of the work required at home using the newsletter and the links it provides. There is a specific phonetic exercise in each lesson and students must send a recording of their work to the instructor or teaching assistant.

It is imperative that students attend every class since the newsletter is expressly made with class attendance in mind. Any three absences will lower the final class grade by one grade point.

Students must see the teaching assistant for phonetic exercises on a weekly basis.

There will be 5 tests during the semester, including the final exam which will take place on the last day of class.

Class Requirements:

25% for class attendance, participation, lab exercises
25% for tests
25% for weekly essays/homework
25% for final exam

This is the French honors and advanced section of the honors Introduction to Art. In this special study class, the students will read the French version of the texts studied in the honors class, and will write their journal in French. The journal will also be posted on digication. 
In the weekly meeting, a discussion will take place on the artist and his critics, and each student will be assigned an artist to discuss, as class leader. Students will write 3 papers during the semester and one final paper due the last week of class.
The goal of this special study is to compile French commentaries by literary authors on famous works of art, following the model of the English book used in the honors class, which is available for free on ibooks. The book will then be uploaded into ibooks as well.

Translation will be done whenever necessary for original texts that are not in French a.nd can replace one of the required papers

Reports: 25%
Journal: 25%
Papers: 25%
Final paper: 25%

This senior seminar is devoted to the study of bestsellers in France at this particular moment. The seniors will read 6 novels and will be assigned additional readings (excerpts from other novels, biographies, audio material and videos, films, and poems). Students will learn to understand French interests and culture from this multi-media selection of literary material and will keep a journal of their observations, reactions, and analyses of texts.The journal will be posted on digitation. The seniors will be responsible for 3 authors and conduct the class, leading class conversation and textual work analysis for those 3 authors. Three papers will be assigned on the other three authors and one final term paper (5-8 pages long) will be due the last week of class in lieu of a final examination.

Class reports: 25%
Journal: 25%
Papers: 25%
Final paper: 25%